December 12, 2013

Reloop RP-8000 MIDI Turntable

In the midst of all the MIDI decks and new DVS programs that are being created, it is kind of strange to see someone re-design the turntable once again.  Although recent studies show that record sales are doing better than CD sales in some areas, it doesn’t mean that turntables are flying off of the shelves.  Perhaps the problem is that they are made too well.  You see, there are people who adore turntables, but it isn’t the type of item that needs to be bought ever two years.  A good turntable can basically last decades, and Technics 1200’s have been around for over three decades strong.

When Reloop decided to undertake the task of creating a modern turntable, I’m sure the heads of their company had a few problems with this idea.  First of all, the market for a MIDI turntable is even smaller than the market for those who are just looking for MIDI controllers; and this is not something that can be built cheap.  Turntables require precision to be built and therefore cannot be spit out as fast as a MIDI controller, which can be built for much less money.  I will say that the table looks pretty solid, and its good seeing something that isn’t just made out of plastic.