December 12, 2013

umidi custom controller hits Kickstarter

It seems as if there are plenty of companies out there that are looking to grab part of the market share for MIDI controllers.  There are currently controllers of all types, and the average person will be more overwhelmed with trying to find a single controller out of the hundreds that are available for them.  Some of them are built for the budget conscious person, and only a select handful of controllers are around the range of a thousand dollars – so it is safe to say that buying one is not out of reach for anyone.  The trouble is once again, finding the right one.

With any purchase you are going to have to sacrifice something.  You might pay a little more for a brand name or even pay a little less to obtain a cheaper quality unit with more functionality.  Behringer has stepped up to produce a line of controllers that can suit any setting, but this is yet not enough for most of us.  If you want to have exactly what you want, you have no choice to but to buy something that can be built to order.  uMidi does exactly that.  As for the quality, we have yet to determine how well built they actually are.