December 12, 2013

AlphaSphere nexus controller hits Europe

The Alphasphere is one of those strange controllers that you want to warm up to – but you cannot get over the way it looks.  It looks more like an art project than a MIDI controller, but perhaps this is the appeal that will attract just as many lookers.  First of all, the controller is not flat, and this means big things to those who are used to using a two dimensional controller.  The benefits of creating a controller than has that third dimension, is an extra four faces of space that can be used for extra buttons and knobs.  In the case of the Alphasphere, you have a infinite number of sides to work with.

The one problem I can immediate see with a controller like this is lack of visuals on the buttons that you are pressing.  When buttons are placed out of your line of sight, it requires you to really feel out what you are doing and how you are doing it.  This is not a problem for someone who is constantly holding the instrument (like a guitarist), but it can be troublesome for a DJ who is trying to switch back and forth from a controller to another instrument like a mixer.