December 12, 2013

Is that Serato in your pocket?

Serato pocket seems to leave off where Serato remote got left behind.  Take note that this is not some sort of revolutionary program that is going to change the way DVS is used; it is merely a tool that can be used with DVS.  Serato was smart to never separate their software from their hardware, and even if you can mess with Serato on your Phone or Tablet, it doesn’t mean that it can be functional with just the remote itself.  Traktor already has the edge on such a program, and since their software can run with any sort of controller, it is open for use in the real world.

One thing that I see to be problematic with these add on applications, is that they require some sort of wireless connection to communicate with your computer.  Getting rid of wires is something that most of us aim for – but when it comes at the risk of connectivity, it sort of leaves you want to go right back to using wires again.  The further we distance ourselves from the laptop, the most challenges appear that need to be overcome.  At home, however, it is probably a great resource and tool.