December 12, 2013

Planning My Set?

The way a DJ decides to spin a specific song in a specific order is not un-similar to the way a rap artists creates rhymes on the fly.  As sporadic and improvisational as it may seem – there were efforts that took place before hand in order to have it prepared when the moment was right.  The DJ creates patterns of what he or she wants to play, by practicing and creating small set of music which are remembered later.  Imagine that you have a thousand songs in your DVS collection.  It may be impossible to remember which songs mix well with each other, but you can easily create a set of maybe five songs at a time that go well.

Once you have this set made, you can go about creating other sets that have the same properties; where they can connect well with a small group of songs.  During a live setting, you may not remember each set specifically – but you do remember the connector songs.  This is where the fun begins.  Using the small lists that you have created, you can join together groups of songs to create something that seems as if it was planned out.  This is the magic of being a DJ that few will understand.