December 12, 2013

Safe & Legal To Store All My Music In The Cloud?

The general rule when it comes to storing any sort of digital information is to always be redundant.  There is no such thing as material that is future proof, and the worst possible scenarios had manifested when it comes to trying to keep digital information safe.  Long ago, CDs were hailed as the best way to store information.  Some of them could hold have a gigabyte – which was far more than many hard drives at the time could handle.  CDs could also be transported and they were very lightweight as well.  The main issue with CDs was the way that they were built.  They could easily be snapped in half and things like heat could destroy them.

Once we moved into the word of solid state drives, storing music and other files got easier and quite a bit safer – but were once again limited by how much we could actually store on these things.  The third generation of storage happens on the cloud – where your information is actually stored remotely rather than securely at home.  Some feel that that letting it into the hands of other is no safer than storing it at home – and some of these guys are right.  Even cloud storage can fail given the right circumstances.