December 12, 2013

IK Multimedia iLoud Speaker

A loudspeaker that comes to us in a small package is not something that most of us would expect or assume to be possible.  Speakers are notorious for being mislabeled as something else, and since most of us don’t know the difference between professional grade gear and that which is mean to be at the consumer level – we are easily tricked into buying something on false advertising.  Thankfully, gear makers are starting to actually ramp up the quality of the things that they produce, and while a loudspeaker might not be what we are expect, it is better than the junk that is sold on television at 3 in the morning.

IK Multimedia is lucky to be well known in the iPad community.  Most of what they make allow the iPad to become much more than a passive device.  It can be used to record audio and even as a pseudo guitar is that is what the user wants.  Their move to create portable speakers comes at the right time – just around Christmas.  Will this be something like a portable PA system that can rock large crowds around the beach?  No, but it will be much nicer than something you can buy from Apple at well over that cost.