December 12, 2013

Scratching On DJ Controllers Answered

If you want to be decent at scratching and the first thing you do is buy a MIDI controller, don’t worry you are not alone.  There are many DJs that are actually interested in scratching, but buying a turntable and a mixer is too high of a cost compared to someone who just buys a MIDI controller with built in decks.  Does this mean that it will be harder to learn how to scratch?  Yes, since you are learning to emulate something using a digital instrument – it will be a bit harder to learn the fundamentals and much harder to move on to a pair of real decks.

However, this doesn’t mean that all is lost.  There are basic scratches that will apply to just about any sort of deck, the difference being in how well it can or cannot be executed.  Baby scratches are the same on anything, but you’ll notice that it is much easier to be precise with a bigger deck; and small platter sort of amplifies all of your movements in a way that is undesirable.  Chirping is the next thing that is to be learned, and this can be much more difficult on a platter that does not spin on its own.