December 23, 2013


The more I see of these turntables that have been slowly reworked into digital devices, the more I wonder if they will be able to compete with the rest or even make it in this industry. The trouble with making any sort of deck that doubles over is a real turntable, is the cost. These machines are not cheap to build, nor are they cheap to buy. This should be a good thing to most, since turntables requires the perfect balance of power and grace to function properly. However, as soon as you add buttons to the top of the deck – you can assume that that it is going to be pounded and beat on.

Most DJs who use vinyl records already know that hazzards of that. Simply pressing the stop and start button too hard can cause the record to skip when the needle gets bumped off of the groove. Now, imagine what happens when you have a row of buttons to the side of the device. You can see why these things need to be built tough and built heavy as well. Any weaker, and they would simply not be the right too for the job.