December 23, 2013

15 Concept Controllers That Didn’t Take Off

To look at the state of DJ controllers now, without looking at all of the failures before it is a travesty that must be corrected. Well, its actually not all that bad – but it is fun to see why we use the gear we do now, and why we choose ignore certain types of gear. The one united reason why many of these great ideas never made it off the ground is because of cost. Some of these ideas were hacked up in bedrooms, meaing to recreate the plans would require a lot of time and money. Other times, the ideas were simply too fringe for any real world use. If you look at something like the original MIDI fighter – you’ll find that it has the perfect blend of flexibility, size, cost.

If any of those three attributes were too extreme, it would have never made it off of the ground. Another theme that I see across all of these failed designs, is the fact that many of them were meant to be modular – but the cost was somewhat prohibitive. If they would have sacrificed the modularity for cost, I bet that some of these designs could have made it to market.