December 23, 2013

Review: Numark NS7 II Serato DJ

Numark’s NS7 version 1 was a big hit from the day it was released in stores. It offered something that many DJs wanted – the ability to have turntable feel while still keeping their decks and platters in a reasonable conroller size. Numark got the formula right, and while the decks were nearly half the size of a regular vinyl record, the look and feel of the entire unit was balanced enough to be usable. The entire deck was also one piece, meaning that you did not need to buy two units (like the CDX), nor did you need to buy a mixer as well.

The second reivsion of the NS7 is nothing less than stunning. People will remember just how solid the first verison felt, and the NS7 II plays on this idea as well. Knobs and rotaries are solid and stiff, rather than rubberized and plastic, which was a problem with other decks in the same category. Also, the finish on the body of the unit is also spectacular – leaving users with a feeling of quality and strength. I’m betting that the NS7 II will have no problem pickig up right where the first version left off, even with the heft price tag of over a thousand dollars.