January 6, 2014

Modular + Customizable Controllers

For a modular controller system to actually work, it needs to have all of the necessary pieces that a traditional controller would have.  When it comes to knobs and buttons, there are four basic types.  Encoders are the most obvious, which use a rotary (spinning) dial or a linear fader to change the value of some sort of sound.  Other types include a momentary buttons that is traditionally used for activating clips or samples.  When these types of buttons come into play on a mixer, there is little that a DJ does not have control over – and it sure beats having to use the mouse and keyboard to do the same thing.

Modular controllers have the advantage of being all things and everything to a producer or DJ; but they must be able to work the way we want it to.  Mixers are usually designed with ergonomic in mind, and when that is left up to the DJ the results may not be better than what you can buy premade.  Since each block of a modular controller needs to be attached somewhere, the odds are high that you won’t have enough space to do what you want to do.