January 8, 2014

Interacting With The Crowd During A DJ Set

There is a lot that a DJ can learn about crowd control by simply watching a good MC at work.  Better yet, forget the MC and head down to see a Jazz or Blues concert.  These types of concerts are basically the opposite of what you would see at an orchestra event.  When orchestras are playing, it is the crowd’s duty to shut-up and be respectful.  In a blue atmosphere, the crowd response is actually encouraged.  It adds energy to the event for both the players and the listeners.  Even blues players will call out to the audience to make sure they are on the same page as them.

DJs who use the mic are rare these days, since many DJs and MCs see themselves as polar opposites, at least when it comes to their EGO.  Speaking on the mic actually gives the crowd a little reassurance, that their DJ is not infact a robot of any sorts.  Some DJS are able to do this without actually speaking; and this can be done by letting the crowd fill in the gaps in a popular song that they all seem to know.  Clever bits like this are what is needed to win the crowd over.