January 8, 2014

NAMM 2014: ADJ’s new lighting range

For only a very short period in DJ technology, lighting was ahead of anything else the DJ could image.  Picture DJs before CDs were popular, and before computers were ever involved in lighting.  The DJ was basically stuck on stage with whatever tools he had, but the special effects guys had a much harder task.  Without any sort of automated lighting, it was on them to control lights with the push of a button.  Some very talented folks were able to make do with what they had.  Now that DJing is completely digital these days, you would expect lighting to be better as well – but it isn’t.

Lighting may be computer controlled and safe – but that doesn’t mean it is any easier to setup than the DJ gear.  The DJ has to bring less with them to run music for the night – but the sound and lighting man has the same difficult task of having to run wires and ensure that nothing is going to explode.  It would be nice if they could get away with much less, but so far there hasn’t been any technology that is near to what DJs have when they eliminated the need to carry around vinyl records.