January 8, 2014

Mini Innofader playing up?

The Innofader is nothing more than a great idea at the right time and place.  The story goes like this:  There were once DJs who wanted to scratch and mix at the same time – but before mixers like the Rane TTM-57 were out, you either had a 4-channel mixing station with powerful EQ controls, or you had a simple two channel setup with a good crossfader, but no real amenities for mixing well.  Enter the Innofader.  This drop in fader allowed almost any mixer to work as a dedicated scratch mixer as well.  It let the club guys with their DJM-900’s scratch as if they were on a Vestax fader.

Currently, the Innofader has been injected into many mainstream mixers, including the Z2 by Traktor.  While the costs were very low to the consumer in this project, the faders were not without their problems.  Some of them experienced bleeding or compatibility issues – but the owner of Audio Innovate was smart enough to tackle the problems without questions.  There are few companies out there that would even recognize this problem and try to fix it for their customers, so props go out to the man in charge for keeping up with current demands.