January 8, 2014

Hercules DJControlWave

Does anybody remember the first Hercules DJ controller?  It was one of the few controllers that you could find in Target or Walmart, except that it wasn’t half bad.  It was one of the few toy controllers out there that had any real semblance of what a controller was really supposed to look like.  Personally, I would never buy one since I was doing just fine with my pair of turntables and Serato – but there are many out there who got their start on this simple controller.  The first version had two tiny platters that could only be used for pushing and nudging tracks forward, but since then a lot of things have changed.

If you have seen what Pioneer has done in the field of controllers these days, the new Hercules DJ Control Wave is something to admire.  It looks like something that would be produced only from the top end guys – and this controller has room to let you slide your laptop facing a nice angle.  I get the impression that Hercules is not something to forget – and although they produce nothing else except one single controller, they have so far done a very good job of branding.