January 13, 2014

Reloop’s Concorde Cartridges Hit Stores

When turntablists are looking to piece together a new rig for their shows, there are types of equipment that are hard to choose, while other types of equipment are clearly no-brainers.  If they want a quality turntable that they know will last, they need to do nothing else except purchase a pair of used 1200 turntables.  That was the easy decision.  There are many brands they could buy from these days – but only a few of them have the recognition and branding that Technics carries with them.  When it comes to choosing headphones, here is where the problem of choice becomes visible.

There is no headphone standard anymore, so people are more reluctant to go back to an old headphone they had when compared against the specs and prices of a new set on the market.  Going back to needles, cartridges, and headshells – the scene becomes very polarized once again.  Scratch DJs know what needles they need if they want to scratch.  Shure is the one name that rings bells, and it is hard for any substitute to win the same respect – until now.  I think DJs are warming up to the club type headshells that have become so common now.