January 13, 2014

Eigenlabs Planning New Batch Of Eigenharps

Some of the newer digital instruments that are being created have done a great job at hiding the fact that they are even digital instruments at all.  These are not the guitar hero hacked controllers that actually look like something toyish from a video game – these look like items that are handcrafted and built specifically for each musician.  The processes used to actually bind these instruments together rival the techniques that are used to create guitars and violins.  The Eigenharp is quite the looker in terms of it being a controller.  Glancing at it, it seems to share characteristics of a woodwind instrument – maybe a tenor saxophone – yet the buttons and controls seem to share more with the face of an upright bas guitar.

Without knowing the prices on these, I can easily say that it is expensive – but these are not the type instruments that can be created like a MIDI controller or a mass produced controller.  Some of the parts are indeed plastic – but they are combined with the right amount of solid material to make it one of a kind.  Although I would never buy one of these, the guys who do pick one up are pretty sold on what they want to do with it.