January 13, 2014

This Wearable Necklace Mic Could Change How You Hear

There are a number of disabilities that a person can end up having over the years, some of them are less visible than others.  When you are slowly losing your sight, it becomes painfully obvious to both you and the people around you.  Whether it be bumping into people or having to touch the walls when you enter a room, they are both hard not to notice.  Then there are other problems that don’t necessarily manifest on the surface – and these are the most troublesome.  They are only a problem because we tend to hide these issues which can work out bad for some of us.  Hearing is one of those problems.

No person wants to walk around with a hearing aid or something attached to their ears – just as nobody wants to wear braces when they are an adult.  For DJs and those in the music industry, the gift of hearing is one that is often taken for granted.  When your ability to hear and differentiate sound goes out the window, so does your livelihood.  There have been a few creations aimed at advancing hearing technology, and not all of them require sticking things in your ear.  It might be the only way to truly disguise your issue with sound.