January 13, 2014

Beats for your Feet: BeatBuddy Puts a Drum Machine in a Guitar Pedal

If you have ever had the chance to jam in a rock band, you might have learned already that each person really has a defining role they seem to stick to.  The guitarist and the vocalist are always in the forefront, because it is their sound that seems to ring through the rest of the noise.  It could be argued that the bass and drummer have an even more important role to play as a band member – except that they are not allowed to be as creative as the guys in the front.  This entire dynamic does not need to take place on stage to understand; all you need to do is witness what the guitarist does at home.

When they need to jam and nobody is around to suffice, a simple beat making tool is all they really need to create a bassline and a beat.  With that alone, they are free to ring off as voice #1 in their solo act.  A couple of smart guitarists figured out that this is what a guitarist really needs.  Imagine something the size of a stomp box that actually played loops that were preset?  At the very least it is an upgrade from the old metronome.