January 13, 2014

Watch Frenetic Beatboxing

While on the subject of bedroom producer and hacked devices, it occurred to me that the definition of a band or an act is not as defined as it once was.  There was a short period in American history where every act that came out could only do so if they mimicked another act.  This is where we got bands with similar names, like “The Monkeys” or “The Archies”.  This is sort of what the mainstream consumer base wanted in terms of music, and elements of that are still found in pop music.  On the other side of the token, there have been many musicians who have found that branching off as far away as they can from the mainstream has helped them define themselves.

When you put together a grab bag of necessities like a loop pedal, Ableton, and even a Kaoss Pad – you are bound to create something rather impressive (or unimpressive).  This is the state that we find ourselves in, where the actual sound that is being produced comes second to the amount of antic required to create that sound.  Between beatboxing, singing, and noise-making, there are tons of elements that can go into such a performance.