January 21, 2014

REVIEW: Reloop RP-8000 MIDI DJ Turntable

It is fair to say that most technology that is built these days is built off of an idea that was already around.  The most basic of ideas can be found rooted many years ago.  The idea of gravity and relativity made it possible for satellites to orbit around that earth while keeping exact time down below.  Without electricity, I wouldn’t be able to type this nor would anyone be able to read it.  The advent of a computer is pretty amazing – but without the basic ideas and fundamentals, it would not be possible.  The turntable itself is an example of how a wheel can be used, but it also combines elements of physics like rotational velocity.  Without this understanding, the record could not be produced with such accuracy.

Today, when we see new turntables, we wonder if they are anything like a Technics 1200.  They have set the standard for all tables, but if you take a look at what they accomplished, it was pretty revolutionary.  Before their time, most turntables were belt driven, so the torque was never accurate.  This design was off the market for a good twelve years before anyone else had access to it.