February 3, 2014

Mode Machines — now in the UK

The feeling of buyer’s remorse and regret is something that pretty much any DJ can relate to.  When we buy gear, we pay cost of it upfront.  Although it may be an investment for some, it is very hard to predict how a new piece of gear is going to add value to your setup – or money to your pay rate.  Buying gear can be a tough one and most of us will look at it like a discretionary purchase rather than something that we need.  What is harder than buying expensive gear?  How about selling gear that has personal value.  There are many times and instances when a DJ actually regrets something they have sold off.  Maybe they found that their new gear isn’t cutting it – but usually they find that their old gear is worth more in the future.

Older gear was made in such a manner that it was costly and unlikely to be repeated in the future, and this is why old Roland gear like the 303 is so coveted.  Luckily, the spirit of the original machine lives in through modern incarnations of the drum machine with modern influences.  It may not be the same – but it can have the same effect.