February 3, 2014

DJ Tech DIF-4S

Every company that is producing DJ gear has an idea of where they stand in the market.  Some of them are trying to be the next Apple, where everything they produce is gold – but many of them will fail to be perceived like that, no matter how costly and advanced their gear is.  DJ gear is not the same as a phone or a music player – and each DJ is going to require separate tools for their system.  Because of this paradigm, gear makers are wise enough to place themselves in a market that can be sustained.

Look at what DJ Tech is doing.  They are actually creating gear that is less expensive, in a world where mixers with all the bells and whistles can cost you your first born child.  That is not to say that every scratch DJ wants a bare bones mixer.  Some critical functions like live cueing have been deleted from these systems, making the much more expensive mixer look attractive.  There has to be a balance of presence and purpose, which is why any DJ looking for a scratch mixer should figure out their own wants and needs before taking the plunge on a sub $500 mixer.