February 3, 2014

DJ Tech DIF-1M MIDI scratch mixer

I think as controllers become more compact and more portable, the same trend will take place in your plain vanilla mixers.  The idea of the 10” mixer being the standard for a club sized mixer has gone out the window a long time ago.  Today, there are mixers and controller that range from hand held to coffin size (needing more than one person to carry it).  My hope is that mixers continue to shrink down to an acceptable size while still being useful for practical purposes.  The era of the Vestax mixer is something we will likely not see again, since mixers now include a row of buttons for MIDI control, even on the budget models.

Will this be something that turntablists and DJs will flock to?  Or are we already comfortable with what is already out there.  This includes most of what Rane has to offer right now as well.  The new DJ Tech DIF-1S is not so different from what they originally offered, but there have been a few additions and changes that were made after complaints by DJs.  Balance and RCA outputs are now available – but this also means that the unit is going to pack much more weight and beefiness.