February 3, 2014

DJ Tech CTRL controller

When it comes to controller, I often feel that it is better to have them labeled and preset rather than open ended and blank.  A controller with nothing on it gives the user room to create their own environment and play style – but it also leaves some users confused about what to do.  Often, there are controls that they cannot make use of, like a line fader, and even strange sensors like the X/Y sensor on Korg devices.  If you are already confused about what controller will be best for your needs, perhaps it is better to get that that was already designed for your DVS.

I’m talking about Serato and Traktor controllers here.  NI has done a good job of marketing both their software and hardware together, often with sample packs that make it easier to get started.  With Serato, there is not such a need for a mated MIDI device, but there are a few controllers that basically copy the digital layout of Serato.  Denon had one a few years back that made sense.  It gave you only the buttons you needed and nothing else.  Today, DJ Tech has attempted to do the same thing – the only real benefit I see here are the rotaries.