February 3, 2014

Thud Rumble TRX Scratch Mixer

When the last time you saw a scratch mixer out that didn’t cost you a fortune?  I think that DJs who are in the market for a regular two channel mixer would have better odds finding an old 2-channel on craigslist, rather than trying to shop for one new.  Nice mixers like the Rane TTM-57SL set the standard so high, that competing manufacturers have had a hard time making something that does the same thing as it, at a cheaper price.  There are however a few notable mentions like the Traktor Z2, which had the same elements as the 57, minus a few things like toggle sticks.  What it did have was a good cross fader, and it was a crossfader that was not as expensive as what Rane had to offer.

At NAMM 2014, Qbert and his Thud Rumble team came out with their own version of what the DJ Tech’s design had to offer.  Their revision has added some nice changes, like the DVS mode (which is very uncommon on a cheaper 2-channel mixer).  The layout is a bit strange, but it make sense if you look at it closely – and the nice line faders are distinct from the pots that are used for EQing.