February 8, 2014

Technics SL-700 and custom CDJs — look, but don’t touch

One of the differences between creativity in the modern age and creativity maybe a few hundred years ago, is that today we have acceptable form of media for just about everything.  We think of media in terms of digital information, such as CDs and Discs – or maybe even in an analog format like vinyl records.  But we rarely stop to think about how information or messages were sent when this type of equipment did not exist.  Art was a form of media that was designed to send a message, the only difference in art today is that it exists in many mediums – not just paper and canvas.

There are more than enough artists out there who are trying to bridge the gap between art and science.  Some of them do this through research, but others actually do this literally.  They have taken computer parts and even DJ parts, constructing them into something worth of being called art.  Some clever folks have even figured out how to take a CDJ and transform it into a model of a spacecraft.  I think this goes beyond what most of us think of when we hear about combining art and science together.