February 8, 2014

Pioneer DDJ-SZ Talkthrough Video

I think that it is hard to separate the idea of a controller and something that is durable.  Controllers are easy to make when you are making millions of them.  They require very little actual hands on work to get one together, at least not when compared to an actual analog synthesizer that has to be built and wired by hand.  MIDI controllers are actually becoming more sophisticated by the day – and some of them are doing things that makes a synthesizer look old fashioned.  Touch sensors and control voltage are also pretty nice since they avoid the problem of the DJ pounding away at his new controller.

The next step in any controller is really to become something worth the high cost.  Controllers are pretty cheap, and only the costly ones are actually built with care in mind.  If you begin adding non-computer components to a controller, making it something that can be used without a computer, it adds to its value and is instantly treated differently by the user.  An old guitar pedal made from metal is less likely to break than an all-digital pedal that was built with cheap cost in mind.  The DDJ-SZ combines the best of all worlds.