February 10, 2014

Super Scratch World!

When it comes to DJ videos and performances, there are really only two roads that any DJ can take.  The first road is the road that often more common than the rest.  It involves putting on a serious face and showing off some serious technique.  We’ve seen this style many times, and while it is very impressive to those who know nothing about DJing, the ones who have been tablists their entire lives know that it seems to lack any sort of style.  The second approach to making a video is to make it humorous.  It could be a funny theme, or even something q-bert inspired.  Donning face masks or uniforms for a performance sort of adds something new.

There is also a composition that can go along with these sort of videos.  Instead of a routine that just shows off skill – a routine that shows off creativity and perhaps some humor seems to make for a better watch than anything else we are used to.  No matter what type of performance is expected, there has to be talent involved.  Some DJs know what they cannot do, so they do what they can do well.  It’s all about strategy.