February 10, 2014

My brief play with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ

When Pioneer releases something new and ultra-expensive.  It’s rather hard to look at it objectively for what it is.  You have the fan boys who think that Pioneer can do nothing wrong, and then you have the other side who thinks that what they have created is merely a ploy to get some of your hard earned cash in their pockets.  Let’s just say that those who actually buy it when it comes out get to feel a sense of satisfaction – that is until the next things comes around the corner.  Personally, I haven’t seen much from them that stands off as revolutionary or even worth the large chunk of change.

Money aside, everything that Pioneer seems to produce reeks of high class gear.  I would easily assume that the guy who is buying the new DDJ-SZ does not have any concerns over getting their money’s worth.  They are definitely getting a top of the line machine – but at what cost?  The DDJ-SX doesn’t look too far off of what the SZ is now, so why buy it?  Rumor has it that Pioneer has even deleted a few features like dual decks, which is making the right people angry enough to say something about it.