February 10, 2014

Your Baby Is Worthless If It Isn’t a DJ!

If you turn on the Olympics and watch some of the sports, you might notice something real clever going on here.  Two or three skiers going down the mountain that look exactly alike.  It’s not just because they come from the same country – it’s more like the fact that they come from the same family.  Yes, there are families of Olympic athletes, just as there are families involved in sports like baseball and basketball.  Not surprisingly, there are also families who are involved in music, especially from a young age.  Some say that the ability to comprehend music is genetic, just as athletes who are larger than the rest seem to have inherited size and muscle from their parents.

Does musical ability get passed down just as easily?  There are no obvious signs of a talented musician at a young age, other than their ability to maybe dance or keep a beat.  Just because parents excel at a hobby or sport does not mean that their children necessarily care about it as much as they do.  I’m sure we may see a lot of young DJs in the future, but just like their parents – it takes hard work to become good at it, not just genes.