February 10, 2014

Playing Digital On Older CDJs

I remember by first few difficult experience with CDs and trying to burn them.  I never quite understood the concept of burning it slow to get a better quality disc, instead of burning it at its fastest speed.  I just wanted to get it copied as fast as possible.  Funny, because looking back on it – I only really had CDs for a short period of time.  Today, if I see a CD I would probably laugh, and the only time I require one is when trying to install Windows on my computer.  CDs were nice to have, but they had their fair share of problems too.

If you bought the wrong brand, the CD would not read in system A or system B.  If you burned the wrong type of disc – you couldn’t burn it again.  Transporting the damn things were harder than vinyl records, b/c the records at least had some flex to them.  Jewel cases were a joke, and I’m actually very glad that vinyl records have always came wrapped in paper and plastic instead.  Today, you CD’s may be toast when you stick ‘em in your CDJ.  A simple USB transfer would make things much easier.