February 18, 2014

Avoid Hearing Damage When DJing

The subject of hearing loss comes up frequently when talking about DJing.  It’s funny, because unlike most other hobbies, there are no real dangers to life and limb out here.  The worst thing I can think of is dropping a NS7 on your foot when trying to drag that coffin into the club yourself.  Every DJ does have one thing to look out for though – and that is hearing loss due to sound.  DJs are around loud music in the ways that a pyrotechnics expert is constantly around fire.  We become so accustomed to it that we feel that we are safe – but it doesn’t have to kill us to become a danger to us.  Loud music can damage hearing, and hearing is something that we cannot buy back.

Someone who has never been to a concert before will go home that night with their ear ringing.  Someone who goes to the club every night will probably get used to the sound before that happens, but over time they will hear less and less.  Loud monitors, too many drinks, and a lack of ear plugs can make this situation much worse.  An ounce of protection in the hearing world is literally all that you need.