February 18, 2014

5 Reasons Why DJs Should Make Their Own Edits

Truthfully, a DJs job is to actually mix existing music together to create something new – without altering the original sources of music.  When we heard the word “DJ” this what most of us will infer here.  On the other side of that phrase there are production artists and tablists that actually take individual elements of a song and create something new without assigning credit to the original.  What about DJs who actually edit and create their own tracks for use?  Some would look at them as cheaters – but most of us will see them as creative.  Editing tracks does not necessarily mean that they are making their mixes easier, or that they are detracting from the art form.

Edited tracks offer many things that original versions do not.  Perhaps a song you look does not keep a consistent BPM, or maybe it lacks and sort of break to mix songs to.  Other times, the quality of an old song might need some EQ boosting to make it sound more modern.  So you see that there are many reasons why a track should be edited – and they don’t involve hacking away at the art of DJing, in fact – they actually enhance it.