February 18, 2014

‘Disaster zone’ outside DJ Hardwell gig

There are many signs that your party is going well.  The sad fact is that many of these signs are not as desirable as you might expect.  Cops showing up to break apart a party means that it was a pretty good party.  People throwing up outside means that they were fully enjoying themselves.  However, there are limits to this.  When people start needing medical attention or passing out on the floor – the fun really stops there.  You should not be having so much fun that you forget to breathe or stand up straight.  Large venues are notorious for having patients to treat and people to wheel off.

When that number of people who are getting sick rises to a large number, there is definitely something wrong.  Underage drinking is only a problem because younger folks simply do not know their limits with alcohol, and alcohol can be a real killer.  Sometimes it is the audience that needs to take the blame for what is going on here – but other times it has more to do with the host themselves.  If they are allowing fake ID’s to be passed, then they should be responsible for what type of disasters occur next.