February 18, 2014

What Does A Bar DJ Do When Nobody Dances?

I think that the most dreaded position of any DJ is to be the first DJ at the bar.  We all know that in any concert, there are pre-shows where someone who is not as popular gets to play first.  Some artist will make their mark by opening up for other artists, but DJing is not the same.  The DJ who gets primetime in the middle of the night is the DJ who hold more weight; they are the DJ that people want to see.  While there may not be as much pressure on the intro DJ – they have to deal with the lack of interest in the dance floor.  People are just showing up and are not loose enough to break one on at the floor.

When people are not responding to the DJ – it seems to suck the energy right out of them.  Conversely, the opposite is also true.  When the crowd is really feeling what the DJ is doing, it sort of fills him or her with enough energy to respond with good mixing skills.  If you are DJing at a bar or a place where dancing is not the main theme, I would not fret such a response.