February 27, 2014

IKEA EXPEDIT is discontinued!

Of the best (or worst, depending on who you are) parts of setting up your DJ gear is figuring out how you want your furniture to look.  Some may prefer a set that is as minimal as possible, which might include some folding tables and some flight cases for turntable stands.  Others might prefer a static setup where the actual turntables are built into a wooden structure that is not intended to ever move.  The third category of furniture guys are the ones who try to make do with what they have, while still giving their setup a style of its own.

Ikea furniture has been used in DJ setups for a long time; some of it creative and some of it as unoriginal as ever.  However stylish it may be, it does serve a good purpose.  You DJ gear needs to be atop something that is both stable and useful at the same time.  The Ikea Expedit has long since been a favorite for many DJs.  Not only did it act as a table to rest your gear on, the shelving space was perfect for holding many more records than you would ever need in one night.