February 27, 2014

Dubspot DJ Headphones Roundup 2014:

You might expect a headphone review in 2014 to contain some new piece of gear that is supposed to wow us and knock us off our feet.  In truth, the best picks of the year take their cues from the many decades before it; and what goes into creating a winning pair of headphones.  Sennheisers naturally has many models ripe for picking.  Some of these models are new and their cues some of the more modern designs, but you can be sure to see the old HD-25’s as a favorite pick – and it’s easy to see why.  The HD-25’s will never win on their looks alone.  Yes, they look great (if you like plain designs) – but more importantly is how they sound.

These are still one of the loudest and most accurate pairs that a person could have.  Sennheiser has also created a few new pair of headphones designed to keep up with the times, but I’m sure they won’t be taking over any time soon.  Sony and AIAIA have both had a small comeback in the industry – AIAIAI with its TMA-1’s, and Sony with 7506 series.  I would say that they each win in their own category, from casual listening to serious production use.