February 28, 2014

Visual Turntablism: DJ Woody Interview

There is a very good reason why we don’t see too many turntablists who are actually memorable anymore.  We are long past the days when being able to mix beats with records was something amazing.  This is sort of a “given” skill among DJs now – and see it, even by a bystander, really does not mean much with respect to what is actually out there.  Turntablism relied on the idea that DJs were doing the impossible, or what seemed impossible.  The secret is out and regular techniques do not fly.  The one thing that makes a DJs set spectacular is the ability to make it musical.

Turning noises and scratches is actually pretty damn hard when it comes down to it.  On the person who has been at it for years has a good understanding of where to go when making a set.  Of the DMC contenders in the last decade, DJ Woody is one of the few to go off the board and into his own style when producing a set.  Although he is not as well-known as many battle DJs out there, his skill and style certainly is in its own subset – which cannot be messed with easily.