February 28, 2014

UDG Ultimate small and large DIGI Wallets

When DJs first started getting gigs and found new ways to make money from their hobbies, their problem had nothing to do with getting their gear to the gig.  They were more concerned with how well their performance would go.  Add to that the fact that their gear wasn’t as sophisticated as it was today – and you’ll understand why looking stylish came second to performing well.  In those days, carrying equipment and cases didn’t even exist in the way they do today.  A single DJ could make 20 trips to his car in order to haul out his records and mixing gear.

Today, there is much less gear that needs to be loaded and hauled into a gig.  The gear is also much lighter (electronic MIDI controlled gear) – so much of it can be carried in one trip rather than many.  But since DJs have become more mobile than ever, cases to carry their gear in actually becomes pretty important.  UDG is among the top contenders who are producing gear for just about everything.  You little Novation Dicer might be small, but it certainly deserves to arrive at its destination in style, without the possibility of it being dropped or damaged on the way to the show.