February 28, 2014

Nocs NS900 Live High End DJ Headphones Launched

There are some pretty expensive DJ headphones out there.  Whether they are built for style or built for comfort, these added features can make for a costly set of listening cans.  Studio headphones are in their own category, and to spend a thousand dollars on a pair is no big deal.  But when a DJ decides to spend up to $500 for a pair of headphones, are they throwing their money away?  Some might say that a flat response and clarity is reserved only for those who are mixing and mastering their songs, but I disagree.  A DJ who hears more of their song is likely to be able to mix it with other sounds without issue.

Would a DJ pay for earphones that are designed to be expensive yet repairable at the same time?  Some will say that by the time they need to replace a part, it would be much cheaper to simply buy a new pair that is on the market to replace them.  I think that there will be a small group of owners who never want to part from what gear they have, and for these people, a nice pair of headphones with a high price just might be worth the cost.