March 11, 2014

Technics SL-DZ1200 MKII Mod: Fixing A Flawed Design

Everybody seems to think that these dual deck digital DJ controllers are the bees’ knees, when in fact they had to go through some humble growing pains before they were ever to be taken seriously.  Think about the time when there were only CD players – it is kind of hard to imagine right?  DJs were actually in love with the idea that they could easily access and store music in something that was less than quarter of the size and weight of a regular vinyl record.  Of course, there were problems with it.  Cueing without record needle dropping was difficult, and each CD had to be thought out in a way that made it easy to use.

One of the strange baby steps we took was the Technics SL-DZ12100 CD player.  On look alone, there is nothing quite like it out there.  The problem was performance.  It was nothing like the SL-1200 when compared to other turntables of the time.  It had some horrible key lock issue and the overall sound of it during scratching made it unusable.  Years later, a long designer has figured out a way to make it worth scrapping, if you still have one in your possession.