March 11, 2014

Mixed In Key Mashup 2.0

There is a good reason why many do not want to sit down and learn the complexities of something like Ableton or Photoshop.  When you are given a tool that can basically do everything, how do you go about just doing only one thing?  Sometimes when I want to crop a picture, I simply open Microsoft Paint and start clicking away.  If I were to actually opening up Photoshop, it would take me more time to open the program than to crop the damn thing in Paint.  DJs are aware of this problem as well.  Traktor goes deep, but sometimes it is too much work to do a simple task, hence why Serato is so simple.

Mixed In Key sort of takes the same philosophy when it comes to mixing and mashing up music.  Why do we need to warp tracks in Ableton, when all we want to do is layer two songs together?  This is what the newest version of MIK intends to do.  Yes, it will find your keys and help you harmonically match your music – but it will also do much more than that as well.  The only catch here is the price, since you must re-up if you want to use your old software.