March 11, 2014

121 Things Not To Do In The Music Industry

There is too much advice in the music industry and not enough content to justify people’s actions.  When we hear advice from other individuals, it is either something that is patronizing or condescending – or at least our ego allow us to look at things this way.  That is why it is just advice.  If it not something you can actually use – then your only objective here is to pass it on right?  Some of the best advice for any artist or DJ who is trying to make it seems to flow through the same vein, which is basically saying “Don’t suck.”  Nothing is quite worse than the DJ who talks more often than his hand actually move.

Artists of all type have to follow their own mottos and ideas, but there are some general ideas that we can all abide by without too much complaint.  The blanket idea of “Never give up” sound nice and romantic, but knowing where you stand and where you are going to go is much more useful than dreaming of being on stage with the Jesus pose.  Funny though, those who need the advice won’t take it – those who follow the advice don’t need it.