March 11, 2014

Jetpack Remix DVS DJ Backpack

Are you tired of hearing about the backpacks, cases, and bags that are available for DJs to haul their gear around in?  If you are sick of it – you better get used to it, because the more mobile DJ gear becomes, the higher the chances are that we are going to have to use outside of the house.  Personally, I don’t care how stylish or uncool I look when I carry gear to my gig, so long as it actually makes it there safely – but there are people who will protest.  I’ve seen guys carrying their cheapo needles to their gig in a case that costs more than their carts and needles combined.

That’s okay since it happen in other parts of the world too.  It is like that one rich girl whose car looks ten times better than the girl will ever look, but that is really beside the point here.  On the bright side of things, more competition means that prices will be much lower for the general public and maybe I won’t have to spend two hundred dollars to transport my mixer from point A to point B.  I still have a DJ backpack that just sits around collecting dust.