March 11, 2014

The Computer Orchestra

The concrete roles of the director and the musician are seeing themselves change in ways that would seem impossible from the eyes of a musician over a hundred years ago.  Put it simply, the director or leader of a group is supposed to control the various elements of the group – but it is also assumed that that same person is also a master of everything he conducts.  Any orchestra is built with many talented individuals who play together as one sound, rather than against each other.  It is the director’s job to make sure that each sound is generated in a way that complements the sound next to it.

What would happen if we replaced each of those individual pieces with a computer rather than a human?  Many might think that this would be recipe for perfection – while some would say that this defeats the purpose of even needing a director.  Regardless of what you actually feel or think when watching this type of performance – you can at least agree that what you are watching is a form of art.  If only for a certain shock value, then it may be wise to seek out other things.  But in terms of performance, I think it’s great.