March 11, 2014

Guitar Center, Under Crushing Debt, May Get New Owners

You might think that a steady supply of new musical instruments and technology would keep a many of these retail music stores alive, but this is not the case.  Today, people are much smarter than they used to be, and they have access to online stores as well as a wealth of information.  Even the old sage who would rather try to bargain than buy something at full price, knows something about how to shop for the right thing at the right time.  While this is good for the shopper, it tends to crush the little guys out of the chain.  If you have been to Guitar Center lately, you would realize why their sales have been doing so miserably bad – it’s the employees.

When all you get is a pushy salesman who is only interested in his numbers, it makes it harder to want to buy from them.  Gone are the days when good salesmen could talk you into actually buying something you need.  Many of the techs on the floor are not trained well enough in their individual departments to compel you to buy.  When you figure out what these employees are being paid, it is no surprise why.