March 31, 2014

Best Way To De-Dupe A Collection?

Back when vinyl was the only way to DJ, each DJ had their own system of organization that mean something to them (while meaning nothing to others).  When we consider ways of organizing music, most of us go for the basics such as genre, tempo, and key – but sorting multiple characteristics of a song was not possible back them.  At most, you were lucky if you could fit genre and tempo into a single crate.  Personally, I was able to recall music based on sets that I created for a certain even, so in a way the music was store historically.  Every song in one set was from one era, say the 90’s – while another crate may have been music that was prepared for a dinner party rather than the club.

With vinyl, I was able to identify tracks simply by a quick glance at the record sleeve.  Today, music is much less physical and therefore harder to know on a personal level.  It used to be that each vinyl track looked and felt different, but today it seems like each mp3 looks the same other than the title.  What make it worse is that we store many times the magnitude as we used to.