April 6, 2014

Livid Base Grid Controller

MIDI controllers are actually getting a lot nicer.  You can also add to the fact that many DJs are tired of buying cheap gimmick controllers; they want something that is as valuable as their headphones and mixer.  Unfortunately, even the expensive controllers are not always that great.  They might be from a great name that costs a great price however.  The idea that one out of a few hundred controllers is going to have some sort of defect is not nice, when you begin hearing the reviews come in.  Some would think that handmade and hand crafted controller would work out to be a more solid unit right?

This is not always the case either.  Livid who has been known to create some pretty fancy stuff has made one that was built to suit both the DJs and producers as well.  One thing that is very interesting about it, is that it puts a lot of focus on the touch strip encoders.  Many units out there might have the feature as an added extra, but this one puts it into the forefront.  Below that are the typical rows of small pads, which seem better suited for the producer than the DJ.